Monday, February 25, 2008



well I decided to keep this one blog up mostly for personal purposes so i can go back and look at things and so i can comment on other people's blogger blogs (some people has it set up where u have to have a blogger account to comment)

WELL anyway I would really love it if you would turn any attention this blog is getting to my new and improved site!! WOOHOO i think its very cool and YES I designed the templete all by my wittle self!! WOOHOO. :D

so go to: THE TITLE here should also link up to that site :D

Goodbye to the old and on with the new!!! :D

Friday, October 28, 2005

Goodbye to this URL

Okay, I've been having some problems adding my site to in hopes of getting rid of the problem i have to make a new site, and sorta start please click HERE for my NEW SITE ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

PILLS, Yummy Pills

Not in a good mood at all...Everything is Shit.
I took 1.5 mg of ativan last night along with .50 of xanex and 50 mg of serquel...
my hope for this was i would just fall into some sorta didn't work...i was up at 7 am. SHIT. I guess it wasn't enough but i fell asleep before i could go for more.
so now i'm depressed and pissed.
No one bother me today..not in the mood to HEAR from ANYONE....

i dont know if i'm depressed or what but my mind is fuzzy right now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fuzzy Thoughts....

I'm really liking this yahoo 360 thing. I just wish i had more friends on it...If you have yahoo 360 feel free to add me my yahoo id is alwayz_blu. I have a lot of things to do today. I need to go get my blood work done for my medication check. I haven't done that yet and its been 2 weeks already!! SHH please dont tell anyone..
I have had a lot on my mind lately, and have very little time to really put any thought into my "friends or family"..sorry if it seems i have been ignoring you IRL. i haven't. Just a lot in my head, a lot of fuzzy thoughts i'm trying to keep straight. (david,sarah,stef i hope you understand)..Being on the computer is the only thing that gets my mind off my problems and I dont think about much anything while i'm on it..its sorta my "escape" I guess. I'm such a Internet Junkie. *LOL*

Love everyone!!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Teacher's Workday

Well, alot has been going through my mind lately and I decided to Go back to the Generic layouts..Its a nice change of pace anyway.With that, I did away with Haloscan for my commenting needs and just went with blogger's comments.

I feel so bad today I sent my son off to school only to have him come back and say, Today is a teacher's workday! *LOL* i tottally forgot about teacher's workday. I was so looking for a good nap and just have a day with me and Austin. (Tre is still with my mom for now because the kids fight so bad, and I really can't handle them when they are like that)

The only thing I got for my birthday was a bottle of Avon Perfume from my mom, I forgot the name of it because I am lazy and its in the other room. ;) anyways everyone have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 21, 2005


Well I guess my son's surgery went okay, I had to leave early and let my mom stay there because My oldest son is getting out of school soon. It was so difficult to get his clothes off and that hospital gown on. They had cars, dinosours and power rangers for him and his twin brother to play with while they were putting on his bracelets, giving him some meds to relax him while we wait...and wait..*lol*
finally! they came and got him and carried him off to the O.R.

So we will see. :D

no Birthday plans for me. I guess thats normal as you get older.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

20 things about meme

Here is my 20 Things about meme

1. I have bipolar disorder with anxiety
2. I have been in a mental institution two times this year.
3. I have 3 beautiful boys.
4. I'm also a single parent.
5. I'm a bad speller
6. Yet, I love Poetry and write poetry often.
7. If you know my whole name you could look me up on
8. My life is an open book.
9. I do have a few secrets thats hidden away.
10. I love it when its dark outside.
11. October is my favorite month
12. My Birthday is on the 21st of October.
13. My Favorite color is Pink
14. I listen to all kinds of music
15. I'm addicted to the internet
16. I'm single because I choose to be.
17. My medicine makes me sleep alot
18. My parents still won't let me grow up
19. I'm a recovering alcoholic
20. There is a nat flying around my computer screen.

nintendo dreams

Good Morning,!
I woke up at 6:40 AM this morning to the sounds of my son-shine playing his Nintendo game in his room and he was already on World 4 of Super Mario 3!!!..I bought him the "regular nintendo" for his room and I told him once he gets profecient with that and takes care of it would i buy him either a game cube or PS2 but not until then...well I dunno what to do now, He is playing TOO much. I think he dreams Mario bros. *lol*
I really can't say nothin' when i was just a few years older than him, I did the same thing but I NEVER played like this on a school night.
I'm thinkin i should just take the nintendo out of his room every night..its not that hard its like 2 plugs to be unpluged from the machine.